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The new Black Salt character is a 12″ action figure of the star, Samuel Lincoln Tharpe. Be the first of your friends to get the handmade limited addition figurine. Comes with a sword set and adjustable hands. Samuel Lincoln Tharpe is America's top CIA black ops operative. He heads a team that consists of “CQK” (close quarters kill) agents that are all exceptionally gifted at stealth assault and infiltration. Sam and his team are all expert martial artists, but only Li is the closest to Sam's level of expertise.

Sam obtained his phenomenal skills when he and his mother moved to China not long after Sam's father abandoned them, leaving the eight-year old Sam and his mother Elise alone in the world. In China, Sam was taken as a student of the legendary priest, Yu Bai Shek. He taught Sam many of the Shaolin's deadliest skills over a period of eight years, but he could not take him to the Shaolin Temple since Sam was not Chinese.

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